Author: Lauren

What Foods Store Fat?

It is important to eat healthy, nutritious food for physical and mental health. Foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables and lean protein help promote health. There is food that can lead to a body getting unhealthy and storing extra fat. This food can make the body store fat in the stomach or hip area,…

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A Guide To Breast Enlargement

A breast augmentation can take place with a breast prosthesis or with body fat. Both procedures are explained by separately. Breast prostheses always consist of an external shell consisting of solid silicone with a rough or a smooth surface. The filling can consist of 2 different substances, namely from physiological serum or silicone gel.…

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This does salt with your kidneys

Most people eat 3 grams of salt daily, half more than recommended. This can result in high blood pressure and kidney damage. What does too much salt actually do exactly with your kidneys? Irreparable damage to the kidney filters Too much salt causes your body to retain more fluid. And this increases your blood pressure.…

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