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A Guide To Breast Enlargement

A breast augmentation can take place with a breast prosthesis or with body fat. Breast prostheses always consist of an external shell consisting of solid silicone with a rough or a smooth surface. The filling can consist of 2 different … Continue reading

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4 Tips To Increase Blood Flow In Brain

Your brain needs a great deal of oxygen. They need about 3 times more than your muscles. Oxygen is of enormous significance for the functioning and repair of the brain. An optimal brain function depends on the blood supply. Because … Continue reading

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Often Eat Small Portions of Food: Health Benefits

Traditionally, Western society has a diet of three meals a day. In the fast and modern twenty-first century, however, there are more and more people who have a different, more irregular eating pattern. For example, people skip breakfast more … Continue reading

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Hair Problems During The Transition

During the transition, everything changes in your body. And this also has consequences for your hair. It becomes drier, shines less and becomes thinner. Sometimes hair loss takes on even such extreme forms that it is wise to consult a … Continue reading

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Memory Is Adversely Affected By Wrong Eating Patterns

Many body processes follow a 24-hour cycle, for example periods of sleep and wake up, body temperature, blood pressure and hormone levels. It is known as the circadian rhythm and also controls when you get hungry, when your muscles function … Continue reading

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Defeat Obesity Without Diet and Without Self-Injury

Obesity is not fun. The persistent jokes about your body weight. The disapproving looks if you eat something in a public place, and the limitations that your body imposes on you because of your excess weight. Nobody chooses obesity. Nobody … Continue reading

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What Foods Store Fat?

It is important to eat healthy, nutritious food for physical and mental health. Foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables and lean protein help promote health. There is food that can lead to a body getting unhealthy and storing extra … Continue reading

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The general course of treatment of gynecomastia

How gynecomastia (breast formation in men) is treated, is of course determined by the present form of gynecomastia (breast formation in men). 1. If there is an excess (milk) cleaver disc without too much ‘greasy’ breast tissue, the removal of … Continue reading

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This does salt with your kidneys

Most people eat 3 grams of salt daily, half more than recommended. This can result in high blood pressure and kidney damage. What does too much salt actually do exactly with your kidneys? Irreparable damage to the kidney filters Too … Continue reading

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Hair myths that many men still believe

There are all kinds of hair myths that do the round about a good hair care and below 4 hair myths are invalidated. Do not be fooled by all kinds of scary sandwich-monkey stories, because in many cases it is … Continue reading

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