Defeat Obesity Without Diet and Without Self-Injury

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Obesity is not fun. The persistent jokes about your body weight. The disapproving looks if you eat something in a public place, and the limitations that your body imposes on you because of your excess weight. Nobody chooses obesity. Nobody wants to be too fat. Nobody wants his whole life to be controlled by excess fat. Fortunately, you do not have to remain obese. serious weight loss Read in this article how you can successfully battle with obesity. The predisposition to overweight is not a choice, the extent to which you admit is.

Let me start with a positive note: in the past, obesity was about prosperity. Fat people were beautiful. In various African communities, fat women are still a fashion image . You are certainly not ugly when you are fat. Unfortunately it is unhealthy. Overweight is not as black and white as I do. Overweight is not a conscious choice. It is of course impossible to prevent construction. The construction is caused by your genes and by your diet in the first years of your life – you can do very little about that. The debt of your parents / guardians.

So you have no influence on your disposition. You do have an influence on your mentality . Losing weight is primarily a psychological game. You lose weight by booking successes in your head. It is common knowledge that many people start to eat obesity because they experience the following feelings : Your body needs certain unhealthy nutrients. These feelings affect your resilience and make you prone to unhealthy food. Your brain is screaming! You already have a major role in the development of obesity because of that diet. This means that it can also play a major role in defeating obesity.


Defeat obesity through diet and without diet!

You now expect a diet in which you can hardly eat anything. Such a diet where you have landed on your old weight within a few months, because you could not keep up. Diets are psychological battles that can not be won. You can complete a diet successfully, but you will always arrive again. A diet is a temporary change of your diet. At the end of this temporary diet you will simply arrive again. Every day you and I get a lot of sugar. Almost all products in the supermarket have been ruined by sugar . Nice of course, but not nice of course. Our body is not used to sugars at all! Carbohydrates / sugars activate the insulin hormone. This hormone filters the sugar from our bloodstream and converts it into fat. Super important, but also very disturbing.

How you beat obesity with nutrition

To date, I have mainly talked about what you do not like. You can not eat too much sugar. Do you have to look at the ingredients at every package in the supermarket? Yes, in principle it is. In the supermarket many products are sold that have been produced by a factory. The factory wants to market the products as cheaply as possible and will save on healthier and more expensive ingredients. Everyone knows the importance of healthy fats. So do not deep-fry, but opt ??for pure products.

Eliminate obesity by moving

I have had a large part about obesity in combination with nutrition. I know that here the biggest steps can be taken for people with obesity. When your body allows it, it is wise to exercise . You will burn fat and grow muscles. Growing muscles also results in accelerated fat burning . By exercising you do not only lose weight. You feel better, get a better condition and you can eat more! Obesity will not come back and you can enjoy your life again. Obesity is a serious matter. I hope that after reading this article you can find the motivation to lose weight.

It always starts with an intrinsic will to lose weight. Once you have made that step, I encourage you to apply the tips in this story and lose weight effectively and healthy. Did you find this article interesting and helpful? Then grant us a favor by liking or sharing this article with your friends.

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