Hair myths that many men still believe

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There are all kinds of hair myths that do the round about a good hair care and below 4 hair myths are invalidated. Do not be fooled by all kinds of scary sandwich-monkey stories, because in many cases it is not true.

Hair myth 1: Hair grows faster when you cut it more often

No, your hair grows from your skull so it is not effective to cut the ends of your hair in the hope that your hair will grow faster. That has no effect and is one of the best known hair myths. It is good to cut your hair once in a while because you remove split ends and it works well when your hair has dried. Even if your hair has been damaged by colors or other causes, it is good to cut your hair. After all, your hair looks healthier and fuller again because it is in better condition again.

Hair myth 2: Rose refers to a dry scalp

Men often think that if they have dandruff they will suffer from a dry scalp, but they also fall into the cup of hairy then. It is just the opposite. Dandruff indicates a greasy skin and that is because certain bacteria and yeasts thrive in that greasy environment and that causes the white flakes in your hair. By the way, Roos is nothing to be ashamed of, because around 50% of people suffer from dandruff. So wash your hair with a good anti-dandruff shampoo and take good care of yourself, because a healthy hair comes from healthy diet and lifestyle.

Hair myth 3: Washing your hair often causes hair loss

It sometimes seems like your hair falls out faster if you shower often, because then you see all kinds of hair lying in the shower. This is also a well-known hair myth. Men lose around 100 hairs per day and that is quite normal. You also get new hair in return. So do not worry and go in the shower with peace of mind.

Hair myth 4: Comb your hair from the top down

Many men comb their hair from the top to bottom to get rid of their hair and to dismount, but this is also a hair myth because it is better for hair stylists to comb your hair from the root to the end. In this way you prevent damage and keep your hair healthy. So do not comb your hair from the ends to the roots, because it is a hair mite that would be better for your hair.

Conclusion hair myths

We hope that you learned something from the dis-empowerment of these hair myths. So do not let yourself be fooled and think for yourself whether something is good for your hair. Your hair grows from the inside, so it is important to live healthy. Think of good nutrition, enough sleep and no smoking. These are the most important tips and they certainly do not belong to the hair myths!

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